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Bagging Machine

Fully-auto Bagging Machine for Powder

Banding Machine

SUREPACK Table Top Banding Machine WK02-30

Feeder System

Feeder system for envelop printing

Feeder system for vacuum bag printing

Feeder system for label

Feeder system for box printing

Labelling Machine

Labelling Machine CA-2000 (Part 2)

Labelling Machine for Bottles

Leibinger Jet 2 Neo

Leibinger Jet2 NEO

Leibinger CIJ Printer for Pre-Packed Drinks

Leibinger Jet 2 Neo

Leibinger JET3 Up

Leibinger Inkjet Printer Machine -JET3 Up application

Linear Modular Belt (LMB)

Linear Modular Belt (LMB) - Steam Rice Weigher

Linear Modular Belt (LMB) weighers for sticky and fragile products

Nozzle Vacuum Band Sealer

Nozzle Vacuum Band Sealer SY-M 903A SUS

Nozzle Vacuum Band Sealer SY-M 903V

Packing Machine

YL-2A Capsule Counter

Tofu Packing by SP153N

Coffee Capsule Counter & Packing Machine


Polivac Ride-On Scrubber Drier


Semi auto sealer

Continuous Sealer

Secure Station Series

SUREPACK Thermometer Sanitizer Secure Station (GZCM-1)

Shrink Wrapper

DigiPack 3246 Shrink Wrapper

Strapping Tools

Battery Powered Automatic PP Strapping Tools Q3S

Battery Powered Automatic Strapping Tool -ZP22

Automatic Strapping Tool ZAPAK ZP2012 application


SurePack Handheld Printer P13 printing on bottle surface

SurePack Handheld Printer P13 printing on egg surface

SurePack Handheld TIJ Printer B1-6105HH printing on vacuum bag

SurePack Handheld TIJ Printer B1-6105HH

Vacuum Pack Machine

Table Top Vacuum Pack Machine


Youngsun - Battery tools Q3S
CF-20TX, FJ-3A, Jet2 Neo
TGIS Form-filled Sealing Machine
Capping and Sealing Machine
14 Head Rotary Machine
International Paint - Ketan
Carton Box printing
Customized Machine for Bean Sprout Washing Sorting Weighing
Mini Weigher
Capping Machine for Pharmaceutical Bottle
Robotic Automated Stretch Wrapping Machine
Customized Machine for Washing Coconut
L Sealer - Cut Seal and Shrink Wrap
Pick and Place Machine
Side Gusset Bag Packing

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